TestCon Europe 2020

The slides of Renato’s talk today at TestCon Europe 2020.

Hey, Where is My Country? How to Test Your App and Website for Geolocation and Geopolitical Challenges

What looks like a simple choice in a drop down list, it can turn into a nightmare. Integrating an external mapping service can unintentionally make many of your users unhappy. How can we test websites and apps in disputed territories or partially recognized state?

Many airlines were forced recently to change the name of Taiwan on their booking systems. Hotel chain website where banned in mainland China for labeling Tibet as an independent country. Ukrainian users were upset because Crimea was removed from the map of their land. “What is the capital of Israel?” is a question that has triggered different answers from voice virtual assistants. We will go on a virtual tour around the world to see how disputed territories or partially recognized states are handled by online services and discuss how we can test and spot unintended geopolitical issues in our products.

Background photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash