Who is Right, Who is Wrong?

As human beings and developers, we like to have clear answers and solutions, even when a solution that makes everyone happy might not even exist. Grey areas are not welcome, but when dealing with software…

Dev Around the Sun

Looking forward to be a speaker next week at Dev Around the Sun, a 24-hour international fundraiser organised by the .NET Foundation for the Direct Relief’s Coronavirus Fund. It all starts on May 12 at…

TestCon Europe 2020

For the very first time next October I will attend and speak at a testing conference and it will be the biggest software testing conference in Europe, TestCon Europe 2020. I will cover one of…

Hey, where is my country?

The slides of my talk today at Codemotion Milan 2019. Great sunny day in Milan talking about how software developers and testers should manage location-based services when dealing with disputed territories or partially recognized states.

Talk at Make Random Great Again

“Alexa, what is the capital of Israel?” is the title of my talk at the Make Random Great Again meetup at Betahaus. Looking forward to March 29th and a interesting event in Berlin!